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Bauer Butcher

Quality local meats in Uptown Waterloo.


Our farmers practice traditional farming methods with high attention to animal welfare and sustainability. We believe these factors contribute to the ultimate quality and flavour of our products.

Our Farmers

  • Artisan Farms Ontario Black Angus & Wagyu Beef
  • West Grey Farms Beef
  • Esker Trail Farm 100% Grass Fed Beef
  • Linton Pasture Pork Pastured Pork
  • Murray's Farm Heritage Pork
  • Fenwood Farm Natural & Certified Organic Chicken
  • Ontario Harvest Farms Venison & Elk

Our Story

We're on old fashioned butcher shop in the heart of Kitchener-Waterloo. Opened in 2010, we have built our business on forging relationships and working directly with small local farmers who are passionate about producing the best quality meats with a strong focus on animal welfare and sustainability. We are owned and operated by trained chefs with a “from scratch” philosophy who are passionate about quality ingredients. All of our products are proudly made in house, by us so that we have full control over everything that goes in to them. Since we are cooks at heart, we're always eager to talk to our customers about cooking methods and cuts to give you the best results and to make use of the whole animal.


Matthew Kendrick, co-owner/head butcher

A chef by trade, it was working in restaurants that taught Matt the importance of quality ingredients. After an extensive stage at a butcher shop to broaden his horizons, he was hooked on butchery and The Bauer Butcher was born.